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Sirona CBCT Machine

The Advantages of Sirona CBCT Machine for Dental Treatment

Sirona CBCT machine is a next-generation 3D cone beam imaging system that has revolutionized the way dentistry is practiced. It offers many advantages in general dentistry, including panoramic oral x-rays that show hard and soft tissues in unprecedented detail. The Sirona software integrates seamlessly into other programs, enabling precise treatment planning and execution. It eliminates guesswork from dental implant placement, enabling the dentist to view existing teeth, bone quality, sinuses, and nerves with clarity. Sirona CBCT machine is customized to the needs of individual patients, from fillings to TMJ treatment, oral surgery, orthodontics, root canal therapy, and treatment of gum disease.

Benefits of Sirona CBCT Machine for Patients at San Mateo Dental Care

Sirona CBCT machine offers many benefits to patients at San Mateo Dental Care. It is painless, and a full scan takes only a few seconds with no uncomfortable positioning required. Moreover, it exposes the patient to dramatically lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays, and the radiation is about 30% lower than other digital radiography systems. Sirona CBCT machine provides images that are astonishingly clear, bringing even the finest details to life for meticulous diagnosis, planning, and treatment.

In addition, Sirona CBCT machine is an excellent tool for patient education. Bright, clear images on a computer monitor help patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options, enabling them to make informed decisions. Digital images can easily be transferred to insurance companies and other healthcare providers, ensuring seamless communication and integrated care. The San Mateo Dental Care team has undergone specialized instruction to utilize Sirona CBCT machine properly and effectively.

Experience the Benefits of Sirona CBCT Machine at San Mateo Dental Care

Sirona CBCT machine and training is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality care to patients in the San Mateo, CA area. To experience the benefits of Sirona CBCT machine for yourself, schedule an appointment with San Mateo Dental Care today by calling (650) 344-7500.

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