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Recognizing the pivotal role of dental health in a child’s overall well-being, Dr. Glenn Belen and his team at San Mateo Dental Care prioritize early orthodontic evaluations. Located at 135 N San Mateo Dr, San Mateo, CA 94401, our clinic is dedicated to delivering exceptional preventive and corrective pediatric orthodontic services.

The Foundation of Orthodontics:

Orthodontics is more than just crafting visually appealing smiles; it’s a specialized area of dentistry aimed at aligning teeth and jaws to bolster oral functionality and health. Initiating orthodontic care in childhood lays the groundwork for a lifetime of strong dental health.

The Magic Number: Age Seven:

In line with the American Association of Orthodontists’ recommendations, San Mateo Dental Care advises that children undergo their initial orthodontic evaluation by age seven. This pivotal age provides insight into a child’s oral development, enabling early identification of potential orthodontic issues.

Transformative Early Orthodontic Care:

Early orthodontic intervention can be transformative, potentially circumventing the need for more intricate treatments later, rectifying habits that may lead to dental complications, streamlining future orthodontic procedures, and safeguarding protruding teeth from trauma. These advantages collectively facilitate more straightforward and effective treatments, such as braces, down the line.

San Mateo Dental Care’s Holistic Approach:

Our methodology at San Mateo Dental Care is comprehensive. Dr. Glenn Belen doesn’t merely concentrate on the teeth; he assesses the entire scope of a child’s oral health. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, he devises customized treatment plans tailored to each child’s distinct dental profile.

Embarking on Your Child’s Dental Journey:

A vibrant, healthy smile is a long-term commitment that starts with early orthodontic care. Whether you’re addressing concerns about your child’s dental development or taking preemptive steps for their oral health, San Mateo Dental Care is your ally. Contact Dr. Glenn Belen and his team at (650) 344-7500 to embark on the journey toward securing a radiant, healthy smile for your child’s future.

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