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The mere mention of “root canal” often brings a sense of dread. But armed with the right knowledge, patients can find comfort and understanding in this crucial dental procedure. At San Mateo Dental Care, under the expert care of Dr. Glenn Belen, patient comfort is at the forefront of every root canal procedure.

Understanding Root Canals

A root canal’s fundamental aim is to salvage a severely infected tooth. Infections or inflammations in the tooth’s pulp, which houses nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, can arise from decay, fractures, trauma, or repeated dental work. Without intervention, this can escalate to excruciating pain and even abscesses.

The Root Canal Process Unveiled

Diagnosis: Precision begins with an accurate diagnosis. Advanced imaging techniques allow Dr. Glenn Belen and the team at San Mateo Dental Care to visualize the tooth and its surrounding structures in detail, facilitating a tailored treatment approach.

Preparation: Comfort is key. Local anesthesia ensures a pain-free experience while Dr. Belen prepares the affected area.

Procedure: Accessing the infected pulp through a small opening on the tooth’s surface, the team meticulously removes the pulp, cleans, and disinfects the chamber and canals. The space is then filled and sealed with a biocompatible material, warding off future infections.

Post-treatment: The recovery often includes a restorative phase, typically a crown, to reinstate the tooth’s strength and aesthetic appeal.

Dispelling the Myths

Root canals are surrounded by misconceptions of pain. In reality, most discomfort comes from the infection itself, and the procedure — proficiently executed by Dr. Belen and his team — alleviates this distress. With modern dental technology and anesthesia, a root canal at San Mateo Dental Care is comparable to receiving a routine filling.

The Importance of Root Canals

Choosing a root canal preserves the natural tooth, maintains proper bite function and sensation, retains aesthetic appeal, and shields adjacent teeth from undue wear and strain.

At San Mateo Dental Care, patient-centric care is our creed. Endorsed by esteemed bodies like the American Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Glenn Belen and his team are dedicated to ensuring patients are well-informed and at ease throughout their dental journey. For a compassionate and comprehensive approach to root canals, contact San Mateo Dental Care at (650) 344-7500.

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